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Charting a Safe Course Through Retirement

Charting a Safe Course Through Retirement

Retirement should be a time to enjoy the fruits of decades of working and saving, right?  Part of enjoying the retirement years is having the peace of mind that comes from understanding some aspects of retirement that many people don’t consider.

International Literacy Day

The United States has a financial literacy deficit. According to FINRA’s 2018 State of U.S. Financial Capability Study, 53 percent of Americans say that thinking about their finances makes them anxious, and 44 percent feel that discussing their finances is stressful.

Is COVID-19 the biggest ‘I told you so’ for financial wellness?

Leading up to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a study from MassMutual spotlighted the significance of employers offering financial wellness programs to their workforce, noting that implementation of these programs was expected to nearly double over the next few...

Money + Mental Health

It is no secret that financial stress has a significant impact on mental health, productivity, turnover and absenteeism in the workplace. By some estimates, pre-pandemic financial stress cost US businesses upwards of $500 billion per year. Lost productivity, turnover and other factors related to stress cost the average company between 11-14% of their total payroll expense.